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Basic Grooming:

Our services Include: Shave and/or brush out, Nail Clipping, Ear cleaning and Plucking (if needed), 2 shampoo's in the bath tub.

$44 - Shih Tzu, Mini and Toy Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier, Lhasa Apso etc.

$49.50- Cocker Spanial, Bishon, Westhighland Terrier, Scottish Terrier, etc

$55- Labrador Retreiver, Golden Retreiver, Shepards etc

$60.50- $66 heavy/bigger Labrador Retreiver, Golden Retreiver, Goldendoodles, Labradoodle etc

Basic Groom
+ $5 - $10 if matted

Basic Groom + $5 - $10 if larger then average size

Basic Groom + $5- $10 if shaving a larger size dog, ex. a Golden Retreiver

Just nails- $11

Basic Groom + $5 Flea shampoo

Basic Groom + $5 to $10 Skunk Shampoo (depanding on the size of the dog)

We do not groom cats or any extra large dogs including, Bernese Mountian Dogs, Newfoundlanders, Bouvier DesFlandres, St. Bernards etc.


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